Friday, September 14, 2012

My picks for the new TV season and thoughts about JERICHO

The new TV series that I will be watching are: Revolution, Last Resort, Vegas, Chicago Fire, Do No Harm and 666 Park Avenue.  

Must see mid season series on ABC will be Zero Hour and The Following on FOX.

I think those series will be a solid investment of my time as new series this fall..

Added Zero Hour, because if a new fall series on ABC fails, I am sure they will usher in Zero Hour earlier.

Also towards the end of the year, I look forward to House of Cars on NetFlix..

All the new series that I mentioned about I feel offer a great mix of TV series that I like.  

About JERICHO, I am hoping that if Revolution opens big on NBC, that the reaction to that will be for CBS and NetFlix to produce new episodes. 

Something big needs to happen to nudge CBS and NetFlix together..

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