Friday, September 14, 2012

SUBJECT 2 DISCUSSION Friday September 14

  Some of the news topics discussed tonight were:

 7 Dead in Arab Riots; KFC, Hardee's Burned..Son of Cox Communications Executive Killed..Maserati Driver Dead in Early Morning Crash..MGM Grand added to Streisand's tour..First human case of West Nile reported in Clark County..Gunmen attack Sinai peacekeeping base in Egypt..Guatemala Eruption Turns To Tourist Draw..
Ming Dynasty vase used as doorstop sells for $1.3 million..FDA detains imported Mexican mangoes linked to salmonella..Sepulveda Pass Brush Fire Burns 70 Acres..City Residents Slimmer Than Rural Ones..Wrestler arrested in Conn. on domestic complaints..Woman loses almost 100 pounds on Starbucks diet..Alcohol at the Magic Kingdom..Truck spills 400 gallons of used oil in Adams County..

Mandy Patinkin Disses CBS Criminal Minds..

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