Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Why am I back at Blog Talk Radio?

My friends:

  After some time away from BTR, I have returned.


 BTR has always been my true podcast home. Sure I was laid off of my job at BTR and continued to do my podcast for a time at BTR. But I thought to try other platforms. I tried one that while yes my podcast or vlog was popular, eventually they wanted to charge after a single week of a single vlog being viewable hardly a social media platform.

  Another vlog site did not last two months of being live in beta before it was sold to Yahoo and shutdown. YouTube, while a great site, was missing a few of the elements that I liked. A chat room and easy links to Twitter, Facebook and etc.

  BTR is where I cut my teeth in social media. It is also where I started and led the campaign to save JERICHO.

Have always been a fan of BTR and its owners Alan Levy and Bob Charish. Audio is a great art form. Radio has always been the most intimate of all media. People listen to the words and their imaginations are triggered by the exercise of listening to those words via an audio podcast.

  So I have returned to Blog Talk Radio. I am happy that Alan Levy has been generous enough to keep my efforts on the site. And with my return, its does show to me that yes you can go home again.

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