Monday, June 24, 2013

Under The Dome Preview and my time in Wilmington at the premiere screening

It was an honor to have CBS bring me in to Wilmington, North Carolina for the premiere screening of THE hit series of the summer, Under The Dome.

Wilmington, is a beautiful town with a lot of history and culture.  The people of Wilmington are among the friendliest people I have ever encountered.  Quite a few remembered what I did for JERICHO and welcomed me to their town of Wilmington. 

The staff at The Wilmingtonian Hotel were very helpful and attentive as well.

Tuesday night we met Alexander Koch who plays Junior on Under The Dome, great guy and friendly.  He made us both feel comfortable.  Alex will be a big star in Hollywood.

Wednesday, we went on location to see filming of scenes between Mike Vogel's Barbie character and Rachelle Lefevre's Julia character at an unassuming house.  Every time I have visited a location shoot, I am awe struck at how they make it work.  The house is someone's real house.  The production staff, covered pictures and windows etc.  Rachelle and Mike were very nice to myself and Kasandria.  I loved watching the video room, where you can see the scene unfold.  We were there for the filming of scenes for episode 10.  Peter Galloway, the writer of this episode was very welcoming to us into his world.  Everyone we met on location, was very nice to us.

From there we went to the studio, we were given a tour of the sets.  The sets are amazing in detail.  The Sweetbriar Rose Café set, looks like a café anywhere, with  a working stove inside as well.  The booths and the small things around the café, all spoke to the detail they went to in order to make it as real as possible.

From there we saw, the Sheriff's office and jail cells as well.  Then on to an underground bomb shelter set, cold and rustic set that was very cool to see as well.  Onwards to Big Jim's bedroom, the bed and colors all spoke to a man of great power in Chester's Mill.  The set I liked the most was for the radio station in Chester's Mill.  The booth with the old dials and the cassettes used for music and commercials, was so great in its detail.  Record album covers in shelves around the radio studio.  Guitars on chairs next to the broadcast table, all added a great touch. 

We also visited Wardrobe, all the clothes and the detail into each character's tastes.  Amazing to see basically a clothing store in the middle of a studio.

Thursday, was the screening premiere.  I had gone to the Thalian Hall earlier in the day on a walk and saw the place being prepped.  At the premiere, we witnessed the gauntlet of media on the red carpet that talked to the stars and producers of Under The Dome.  Stephen King garnered a lot of interest from the media.  Prior to the premiere, the Mayor of Wilmington, gave Stephen King the key to Wilmington.  And declared Monday June 24 as Dome Day in Wilmington, North Carolina.

Met Stephen King and so many others with Under The Dome. 

The premiere was great.  The opening few minutes, took my breath away.  It literally grabs you from the opening scene and does not let you go until the episode ended.  A car chase, truck crash, Dome crashing down, power grab, romance gone bad, murder, suspicious activity and farm animals. 

The premiere has it all.

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