Sunday, July 29, 2012

The post apocalyptic genre for TV has never been hotter.  The Walking Dead is doing great and promises a huge season three.  

Revolution on NBC in the fall, I think will be a huge success.. Zero Hour on ABC is more a conspiracy series, or pre apocalyptic.  I think that will be a solid series.

Last Resort about a nuclear submarine..that seeks refuge at a NATO outpost.  

The sleeping giant is JERICHO.  The series was before its time.  NetFlix was reported to be in talks with CBS about producing new episodes for NetFlix..The talks have reportedly cooled off, with fingers allegedly pointed towards CBS.  I think CBS and NetFlix should hammer out a deal and get into this genre now.

Why cant CBS work with NetFlix and produce new episodes to air on NetFlix and give CBS a window to air the new episodes in a summer season? Or even via JERICHO is still very popular overseas.  

Do you think there is still life left in JERICHO? Should NetFlix stay in the talks with CBS? Do you think NetFlix with the Junction production house, come up with another series along the same lines?

If we cant have JERICHO back would you support Back coming back via NetFlix? 

Here is the pilot for BACK which never aired..tell me what you think. 


  1. Saw the pilot for BACK and loved the potential for this as a series. If CBS is the hold up then I would be all for this..NetFlix make Back into a series, please.

  2. I want my Jericho!!! I'll take it in any form they're willing to give it to me that allows me to "watch" my all-time favorite show.

    However, I wouldn't mind seeing where they could take Back's story line. It's very intense subject matter, but done tastefully and respectfully.

  3. I am a new fan of Jericho, having just discovered it on Netflix about three weeks ago. I am completely hooked which means, of course, that I am anxious for a Netflix/CBS deal that will bring it back with the same cast. Perhaps CBS is watching all the new excitement abuzz on Twitter etc. and is holding out for more money. ???

    Let's keep up the #JerichoOnNetflix campaign on Twitter and Facebook and in all the other places like the Jericho fan sites, Skeet fan sites, IMDB's Jericho page (, IMDB's Skeet page ( and rest of cast's IMDB pages and fan pages. Let's cross-post and retweet! I know there are thousands upon thousands of Jericho fans around the world but let's get some new ones too! There's got to be thousands upon thousands who are "living under a rock" like I was in 2006/7 when you were all going NUTS! :) So we need to get new audiences to help our mission.

    In rediscovering Skeet, I ran across Mark Pellington's website and the Back pilot. I was extremely impressed and can't believe CBS didn't pick this up! I will campaign for Back as well. If not on Netflix, anywhere else we can watch will do! Let's "like" Back on fb ( and tweet #BackOnNetflix and get one of these fantastic shows back!

    I'm in! Put me to work! :)

    Twitter: @AndiDanceCO


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