Friday, January 18, 2013

Review of the series premiere of Banshee on Cinemax

I watched the pilot episode to Cinemax’s Banshee series and I was hooked on this series in the first 5 minutes of the episode.  

We open as a convict is released from prison after 15 years and then it is non stop after that.

The unnamed man at first is looking to get his stashed money and goods back from his ex girlfriend.  A mobster named Mr. Rabbit is after this man, I am guessing the money and goods are his and he wants them back.  

After a visit to a unique character named Job and an incredible chase scene that has to be seen to believe for a TV series, our ex con heads to Banshee, Pennsylvania.

Once there he goes to see his ex girl friend and comes away empty handed, then he meets a tavern owner Sugar Bates, who we find out is also an ex con and through a set of circumstances, our lead gets a name Lucas Hood and a job..

Sheriff of Banshee.

We meet the Mayor of Banshee and the unique Sheriff’s office. We also meet some of the Amish community and a few other interesting people along the way.  Also we meet the man that seems to own most of the town Kai Proctor.

The only people who know that Lucas Hood is not Lucas Hood in the first episode is Sugar and ‘Lucas’ ex girlfriend.  

The series offers great insights prior to the story starting on the series on Cinemax with some web vignettes featuring many of the characters that we have met in the pilot episode at

I personally thought the pilot episode gave me just enough of the story and characters to keep me coming back to see what happens.  Cinemax has a winner on their hands with Banshee.


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