Monday, November 12, 2012

With Blood and Chrome appearing on Machinima's You Tube page as a webseries, the popularity I would think will stir some interest to turn this into an actual TV series.  Syfy seems to be out of the question, but why cant NetFlix or Amazon step up to co produce Battlestar Galactica Blood and Chrome as a full fledged TV series?

Maybe Syfy has their hands full with Defiance..So why not Starz or BBC America grabbing this and making it their buzz worthy series.  

The entire cast is great on Blood and Chrome and they want it to continue, everyone with the series would love to tell their stories..

I think viewers have missed Battlestar Galactica greatly.  In this time of economic crisis etc, this is a great escape into this world of a young William Adama.  This is like visiting an old friend but it is new at the same time.

Lets hope that someone sees the potential with this as a full out series and brings it to us as a full out series..BBC America, Starz, NetFlix, Amazon are you listening? Are you watching this materpiece? 

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